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Doctor Horror Stories

Hi I'm Kayla and I've been fucked around by the healthcare industry for three years.

I've been to a plethora of shitty doctors, and today I am going to share my doctor horror stories with you, the general public, in the hopes of perhaps making you feel less alone as you navigate the clusterfuck that is the medical field.

I haven't calculated the total number of doctors I've seen (because ew math) but it's definitely upwards of 30. Here are the worst of the worst:

1. My First Neurologist: spat out a few classics such as "It's all in your head" and "I can't help you," along with "You need to find someone smarter than me." Then he shoved me out the door with no referrals or direction of any kind.

2. My Second Primary Care Physician: She seemed chill until I wasn't diagnosed with MS (she reaaaaally wanted me to have MS for some reason).  She then told my pain management doctor that she'd prescribe me the meds I needed,…

Why I Curse Unapologetically

Hey there I'm Kayla and I have the mouth of a trucker.

When I was a kid, I never ever even considered using curse words.  Not only that, but I was so sheltered that, if asked, I wouldn't have been able to list more than 5 curse words total, and the words that I listed would have been completely, naively inaccurate.  For example, to me "the S word" was "stupid" or "sucks." So, aside from my growing older and learning new taboo vocabulary, what changed?

To put it simply, I went through a mountain of shit.  My life completely fell apart right before my eyes, and I realized that I had more important crap to worry about than using proper language.   Not only that, but swearing gives me a small amount of control in a life that has, for the most part, spiraled out of my grasp.  Using curse words, I am able to express myself in language that I feel fully and accurately encapsulates the nature of my life.  Cuz let's be real, my life is a fucking mess.