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Health Update: Nov 2018-Jan 2019

At the end of last year, after almost 3 years of chronic illness, I managed to get 3 new diagnoses in 3 months.

It all started in November.  My fancy USC neurologist ordered a repeat skin biopsy, and a tilt table test.  My first skin biopsy, taken over a year prior, had come back clear, so I didn't expect this new one to yield any results.  This skin biopsy, however, came back positive for Small Fiber Neuropathy, something I had been convinced I had since the early days of my chronic illness.  Seriously I knew I had this disease all the way back at the beginning and no one listened to me.  It didn't help that the last biopsy came back negative but apparently there can be false negatives which would have been awesome to know at the time.

Then came the tilt table test. For those who don't know, a TTT is a test in which you lay flat on a table, your vitals are taken, then the table itself moves into an upright position and your vitals are monitored for like 45 minutes.  The t…

How Chronic Illness Has Empowered Me

For the first year and a half of my chronic illness journey, I did everything I could to keep my illness a secret.  I thought that if I could just get a diagnosis I could get better, get back on track with my life, and no one had to know I was ever sick.  I spent that whole year and a half planning out how I was going to reorganize my future after I bounced back from what I thought was just a momentary setback.  I mapped out my college education so that I could still graduate the year I was supposed to, I continuously messaged my old boss telling her I just needed a few more months off in order to get better, and I mentally changed my desired career path at least 10 times.  I was so ashamed of dropping out of college that I tried to take one online class per semester, just so I could say I was studying something.  I did everything I could in an attempt to hold on to some sense of normalcy.  I was in denial about the decline of my body, and in my mind, the worst case scenario was peopl…

Dating While Chronically Ill

Dating with a chronic illness is difficult, but not impossible.Obviously the first hurdle we face is meeting someone.Most of us spend limited time outside of our homes, and that time is spent going to appointments, possibly working, running errands, and using up all our energy trying to act like normal human beings and get home before our bodies completely shut down.When we go out, the last thing on our minds is meeting new people.
Online dating is a decent way to go about it, but it’s risky.There are a lot of horny weirdos on dating sites and honestly, sometimes I lack the emotional energy to deal with these idiots.My recommendation is to stay as far away from Tinder as possible.My go-to dating app is Bumble because women have to message first.I’ve also been on Hinge for a while and it’s pretty ok.For now, let’s just imagine we somehow manage find a decent human on the internet.Over a span of 5-15 business days we’ve vetted them, stalked their social media, and we’ve decided that the…