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Chronic Pain, Explained

To people who don’t understand chronic pain:
What a lot of people don’t understand about chronic pain is that it’s unrelenting. 24/7 365 days per year, we are in pain. Even when we’re smiling, even when we’re sleeping. There is no end.and that takes a physical and emotional toll.
Think about how frustrated you are when you stub your toe, or how miffed you get when you put hand sanitizer on a paper cut.Think about how you’re constantly aware of and irritated by a canker sore or a hang nail.
Now consider this: the amount of pain we are in on a daily basis would put you in the emergency room, no question. We have no concept of what a zero on the pain scale feels like anymore.We’re lucky if we get down to a 3, and even then, our 3 is your 6, and our 6 is your 9.We live our lives as functionally as possible in an amount of pain with which you would not be able to function.
A lot of the examples I used earlier are singular injuries, however most people who suffer from chronic pain suffer from m…