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The Complexities of Having Able-Bodied Friends

Being disabled and being friends with able bodied people is way harder than anyone realizes.We’re constantly being left behind and overlooked. As they move forward in their lives, we have to sit back and watch them go.No one wants to admit it, but it gets really hard to be happy for them after a while.They graduate college, awesome!we’re stuck in bed in pain.They get their dream job, great!We’re stuck in bed in pain.They get married, nice!We’re stuck in bed in pain.They drift further away the more they accomplish.It’s only natural.They get busy and they get tired of hearing about your doctors appointments.They stop asking how you’re doing because they know it’ll be the same answer as always.Then suddenly the things they complain about make you roll your eyes.The occasional headache, an annoying coworker, a pulled muscle, their husband snores… but they have their health, and they’re taking it for granted.It’s infuriating. It’s gut-wrenching. It’s heartbreaking.We are losing them.

A disa…