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Keep In Mind, Our Time Runs Differently

You seem to forget that I’m constantly treading water.Day in and day out, I am trying to stay forget the totality of all I have to juggle.9 chronic illnesses, 3 mental illnesses, never-ending all-encompassing pain.I know i carry it well.I make it look easy, manageable.So you forget.And you expect things from me.Things I cant give.Things I shouldn’t have to give.You’ve gotten so used to my ability to overcome, that you believe I should take everything in stride.No one should have to live up to expectations like that.I am allowed to take breaks, whether you approve of them or not.I am allowed to feel things in ways you may find unacceptable.I am allowed to prioritize things differently than you.I have a perspective that you may never understand, but that you must accept.And if you do something that puts me at risk, or triggers me in any way, you may not dictate how I respond.For years I have lacked bodily autonomy.My body is not under my control and I have adjusted to that.At…