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An Open Letter to My Conservative Friends and Family Members, From a Young, Disabled Woman in America

An open letter to my Conservative friends and family members, from a young, disabled woman in America:
Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, the upcoming election will have a massive impact on my future as a disabled woman in America.I know you have set political beliefs, and I know that they’re founded on certain principles.So many of those principles are broad, impersonal and hypothetical, and I simply wish to illuminate the very real, dangerous consequences that will affect me and people like me if the country were to continue on its current path.
I am a disabled woman, and I will be one for the rest of my life.I will need doctors for the rest of my life.I will be on medications for the rest of my life.I will probably be unable to hold a job for the rest of my life.At the moment, my family and I are privileged enough to have little to worry about financially, which is something I am incredibly grateful for and I do not want to take for granted.However, things can change in an i…